Void Inn (SRB) / Dreamskiller / Red Trigger

November 24, 2017
9:00 pm
Void Inn (SRB) / Dreamskiller / Red Trigger
Void Inn

Две Яки Пловдивски Банди ще партнират на Сръбската Сензация от Белград – VOID INN!!! И малко Инфо за това което ни очаква!! 🙂

VOID INN – Alternative/Heavy Metal

Formed 2010 in Los Angeles , California.
Their sound could be described as Alice in Chains with female Danzig on vocals.
The band ‘s sound is powered by fierce riffs (Ala Black Sabbath), odd meters, virtuoso guitar parts and a large range of unique vocal tones and a wide range of colors.
Void inn released their Ep “I Can Hope” in April 2016.
Band is curently working on their second Ep “End this game” which is due to release in Spring 2018.

Dreamskiller – Rock/Metal

The Band was founded in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in beggining of 2012 by Bobby and Tihomir, together with the bass payer Tzetzo. Then, a few months later, Todor joined the group and they started working on their own songs.
On April 15th 2014 the band released its first album called NOT IN THIS LIFETIME.
In April 2015 the band announced its new vocal CoBy Rosen; the old one Todor deciding to leave for personal reasons.

RedTrigger – Hard Rock/ Rock ‘N’ Roll
RedTrigger are a Bulgarian rock band, formed in 2017 by best friends Dimo Dimov (DD) and Martin Gornishki (Young G). Considered a hard rock/rock ‘n’ roll band, they play big, they play loud, as their aim is to keep classic rock music alive and going!

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